Emily Jane


 Lead vocals; looks;

& star of the show.




While waiting for an apprenticeship at the footballers’ wives academy, Emily is intently studying various tambourine techniques in between well-deserved visits to shoe shops.




Stage gear:

Diva pout & lippy.




Vocals; guitars; more guitars; banjo; & dobro.



Strung-instrument maestro & ad-lib vocalist, who has been playing guitar long before it was invented.


Previous bands include Norman & the Conquerors (1066); the Gobi Desert Canoe Club (1967); Crusade; Jasper Hart Band (1970); Shooter (1972); Friends; & numerous others until 1984.  In 2005, Ken & Fred re-formed the Jasper Hart band.


Stage gear:

Shed load of guitars; commode; social services team.



Drums; & more drums.




Founder of the Muppet Drum School.  Forget locking-up your daughters; it’s your pots & pan lids that are vulnerable.


As with Ken, previous bands include Norman & the Conquerors (1066), the Gobi Desert Canoe Club (1967), Crusade, Jasper Hart Band (1970), & numerous others until 1984.  Then, re-formed the Jasper Hart band with Ken.


Stage gear:

Anything that makes a noise when hit; dribble bib; beer bottle, Ludwig carpet.







Even if you hum it, there’s no way he’ll know the tune or song title, let alone the key!


After stints with Alimony, Village, & the Tynesiders (1970—74), Mike retired & sold his ‘64 Fender bass to buy a 3-piece suite.  Since then, he suffered endless nightmares of regret & had regular sessions of electro-cerebral therapy for this major error of judgement, until gaining respite with the JHB in 2005.


Stage gear:

Various basses, Zimmer frame; memory pills